Revision Policy

Customer satisfaction being the basic goal of our existence, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to customer service. We offer free revisions to our buyers until they are fully satisfied with the end product.

Following revision policies have been curated to entertain the buyers fully. To avail free revision, one or more than one policy needs to be satisfied. Please make sure you have read and agreed to the policies while placing an order. Feel free to cancel the order if you do not agree to any policies below.

  • The free revision can be claimed within 30 days of post-delivery. However, in cases of thesis papers and dissertations, the time limit could be extended to 60 days.
  • The time required for revision varies from 7 to 24 hours, or more in some cases, depending on the nature of revision. In case of urgent revisions, please inform the customer support team so they make it possible.
  • Any additional requirement expected in form of revision will not be catered. For example, any requirement requested in revision, which was not presented at the time of order placement will not be considered as revision, but as a new order. A fresh price will be quoted for such situations.
  • Every revision is catered under a cycle. Only one set of cycles is accommodated at a time. If you wish to add more, you will have to wait until one cycle is completed.
  • It is advised to the buyers to raise concerns via the student portal, or email. Other platforms like social media or WhatsApp are not recommended in this regard.
  • Constant availability of the student is mandatory during the process. In case the buyer makes a delay in responding to the support team, we will not be liable for the circumstances.